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The Adventure Zone takes a hot minute to get started but it really gets there in the end.

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Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
I can't decide on the single best video to include here, so maybe other people can help me out and post their favorite funny stuff.
Oh man, I was just reminded that this exists. This simple question goes some amazing places:

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Listening to Adventure Zone while taking a walk today. Got to the first appearance Garyl, the Binicorn.

And I am reasonably sure at least one passing motorist must have thought I was having a seizure.
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I just finished listening to the crystal kingdom arc. I started listening to The Adventure Zone a little over a week ago.

I've kind of fallen pretty deep into the McElroyverse here.
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This is from my favorite episode of MBMBAM, and I love that the animator decided to briefly render it as a scene from Phoenix Wright.

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