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Originally Posted by narcodis View Post
I really quite enjoy this piece. It has that real chill vibe I dig in videogame music. The percussion in the background really sounds like crashing waves, which I'm assuming was intentional given how this song is called "Shrine of the Sea God". As far as other games, it reminds me a lot of FF6's Serpent Trench, which is easily one my favorite songs on an already godlike soundtrack, so well frickin' done.

Soundcloud does some sort of weird compression when it processes your uploads. Not sure why it would wind up quieter necessarily, but there you go. I would be interested to hear this how you intended it to sound!
Hey, thanks for the feedback! Sorry for the super-late response; I honestly didn't think anyone would say anything. >_>

I'm glad you liked it, though! You were right about the percussion, I was definitely going for crashing waves and I'm glad I got that across. And the FF6 comparison is super flattering.

Anyway, recently I acquired (a gimped version of) Ableton Live and a MIDI controller to go along with it. Here is a song I made to teach myself how to use these things:

My original idea was to do more of a house-style song, but it wasn't going anywhere so I made this instead. It's pretty cheesy/bombastic.

Also I'm not sure what's triggered it - although I think it's being around music every day in college - but I'm writing much more than when I last posted in this thread. I'm working on several songs/pieces at the moment and hopefully I'll post in here more often in the future. Maybe some of these things will even be good! =V
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