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I was actually a bit disappointed by that, because I was expecting Slott to use the Comics Curmudgeon reading of Newspaper Spidey.

(You know, without the whole "awesomely telling One More Day to Fuck Off And Die" part of it. I am sad to see from looking the site up that the newspaper strip has apparently been beaten into submission and has recently spent its time plugging GOTG v2)
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Yes, by having Ronan the Accuser use the Universal Weapon to absorb hot dogs directly into his body, and also Spider-Man hung back and let a small raccoon do all the heavy lifting in saving the day from a giant unstoppable robot.

Corporate synergy rarely works so well.
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Originally Posted by Octopus Prime View Post
Yes, by having Ronan the Accuser use the Universal Weapon to absorb hot dogs directly into his body
I need to read this

I need this to live
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Originally Posted by TheSL View Post
Kind of having a mini freakout that Chris Claremont is going to be at Planet Comic Con in Kansas City this weekend. Guess I need to dig up something Phoenix / Dark Phoenix related before Saturday for him to sign.
Ended up having him sign my Days if Future Past TPB and X-Men #1 from the 90s. When I told him I've had them since I was 8 or 10 he said "as well you should have."

General discussion topics were "why can't Xavier and Magneto get along?" (told a long story about a What If? he wrote where Gabrielle Haller said wtf dude to Magneto and then he and Charles worked together instead) and how he thought the DoFP movie was great ("Made me more money than any comic I've written, plus I got to meet Peter Dinkeledge!"). When I said I liked the comic more than the movie he actually asked me why (I thought it didn't focus enough on Sentinels) and he argued back that the future part got all that right ("everybody dies").

Then when we were walking away he started singing the songs my kids were named after at them, it was cute. He was a really nice guy overall, really impressed from someone who's been in the business as long as he has.

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That sounds really fun. Thanks for writing that up.
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Yeah, that's great. I really wish I could have made it up there this year.
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