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I really like these Magic supplements for DnD, but I've been thinking recently about how DnD's mechanics and metaphysics are deliberately incoherent, and what that means for games and crossovers and things.

What I mean by that is DnD seems to be designed with the goal that anything you want might be true "locally" - you might have a fire mage who's bitter rivals with an ice mage, or an apprentice psychopomp whose mentor speaks to them through still pools of water, or a pacifist proselytizing orc cleric - but that very little is true "globally" - all those people might be members of the same party, but each lives in sort of a different world.

All of which is sometimes exactly what you want! But it seems to mean that when you're trying to tell a story or emulate a world that has strong assumptions about how things work "globally", the system and setting assumptions can fight you.

Like, in Magic...
  • Magic power is derived from one's connection to land and leylines
  • Magic is strictly divided into five schools, each of which has distinct strengths, weaknesses, and signatures, each of which requires a commitment to access
  • The five colors of magic underlie everything, metaphysically, and worlds tend toward fivefold symmetry
  • The type of magic you use is strongly correlated with your personality

Whereas, in DnD, by default, (arcane) magic just kinda works, unless some specific character has a reason why they can do magic, in which case that's how their magic works. There are these eight schools of magic that are kinda vague and not intended to be balanced or metaphysically important. Nothing says that an Abjurer has to be risk-averse. Each person in the party might be from a different genre.

Which isn't to say that you can't play Magic in DnD - obviously you can! But it seems like it requires deliberate effort to uphold all the "rules" of Magic, because DnD kinda wants you to be able to do whatever you want and to explain it however you like.

E: All that said, I'd be thrilled to have the opportunity to say "my Aetherborn Rogue performs a sneak attack on Heliod"
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Originally Posted by Falselogic View Post
Did he respond? I'm not subbed to the MtG thread. I'm not sure why I'm subbed to this one to be perfectly honest...

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Originally Posted by Daikaiju View Post

Probably because he's so popular on Tumblr now. No time for the people who made him who he is today.
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