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Originally Posted by Adrenaline View Post
I don't think I've ever seen comics Cap do anything like throwing a motorcycle at a truck.
Yep. I first thought he was just using the bike's momentum, but he can also hoist a same-size motorcycle --with three women on it-- overhead, at full extension, without any immediately apparent effort. He can also punch and kick Iron Man and T'Challa hard enough to stagger or even throw them off their feet, despite both of them standing up to minigun fire like it wasn't even there (and yeah, Panther's suit has vibranium fibers, but if it can stop the momentum of a large-cal bullet, it should stop a human punch.) If Schmidt is any indication, Cap can also punch a huge dent in inch-thick plate armor of whatever metal the kite shield was made of.

Spidey is probably much stronger --look how casually Steve dropped a bridge on him after a few seconds' assessment during their web-o-war-- but Cap definitely has Robocop-level super-strength.
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Originally Posted by WisteriaHysteria View Post
Except this film felt it was necessary to still tell an origin story anyways.
You're not wrong, but this is a common trope in superhero films. Even the best among them can fall to it, like Spider-Man 2 or Iron Man Three. For its part, I think Homecoming is one of the better 're-origin' stories out there, because there's more to it than just a crisis of conscience or having to re-think his approach— Peter is learning how to best be a hero.

Originally Posted by juanfrugalj View Post
It seems that people are simultaneously glad the movie doesn't dwell on Uncle Ben or the "great power" line, and disappointed we're not explicitly told they drive Peter in this story... despite being told in Civil War and his several attempts to uphold the responibility directive in Homecoming.
Yeah, I saw Peter's struggle to define here as indirectly tying in to Ben's mantra; the reason he wants to be an Avenger is because he feels that it's a more, ahem, responsible use of his powers than escorting ladies across the road.
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I didn't mind Peter's desire to be an Avenger, but...

... it should've been the FF. We can all agree on that, right?

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Originally Posted by Sven View Post
I didn't mind Peter's desire to be an Avenger, but...

... it should've been the FF. We can all agree on that, right?

l'il Octo was enthralled by that cover wondering what in the world Spider-Mans real power was; and how could it beat the worlds greatest superhero team.

Then Adult Octo actually read that comic and learned that Spidey was speaking in the abstract sense and the power was that he could do whatever a spider-could. And that kind of took a lot of the mystique off that elusive comic.
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To me it doesn't particularly look like they are or were fighting. The FF look concerned/baffled that there's a Spider-Man stuck in their chimney, and he's looking forward to showing them he can just crawl right out on his own with no help.

I'm guessing the second great feature-length Spider-Man thriller is them all going to get lunch together afterwards.
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I wasn't crazy about Homecoming. It wasn't bad, it was certainly head and shoulders above the Amazing Spider-Man movies, but I maybe like it just a little bit more than Spider-Man 3. It seemed like the structure of the movie got in the way of the lesson Peter was supposed to learn, so his decision at the end didn't seem to follow from any of his experiences in the previous 2 hours. Also, that MJ turn at the end was really dumb.
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