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Metroid is a series I only sort of half know about. I am familiar with some of the music, but I couldn't hum any of it. The tracks featured definitely are more than just chiptunes for a video game. I'm not that familiar with the series and listening to that music, I can picture exploring alien landscapes.

Actraiser is one of those games where I mostly know the music for the first sidescrolling level music. I really like that track.
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Originally Posted by Mogri View Post
I won't go so far as to say it's better than FFL3 (I'm not looking to start a fight here)
JBear looks disappointed and reluctantly removes his brass knuckles, kicking at a pebble as he wanders away dejected
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#36 — Super Mario Bros.
105 points • 5 mentions • Highest rank: #8 (Sanagi)

Featured Track:


Castle ClearUnderwater

Composed by:

Koji Kondo

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System • Release date: September 13, 1985
The keys to the Mushroom Kingdom

What is there to say about the music Super Mario Bros.? I've heard it, you've heard it, *everyone's* heard it. It's been endlessly remixed and incorporated in later Mario games; it's a mainstay of video game concerts; there's even a book on it. Hell, I'm sure the YouTube embed was unnecessary; you had the theme in your head as soon as you saw the game's title, didn't you?

So, I thought it'd be more interesting, and informative, to focus solely on the development this time around.

Koji Kondo's work on Super Mario Bros. was nothing short of revolutionary. At the time, video game music was an afterthought, composed at the end of development and with the purpose of simply attracting attention (owing to arcades). Super Mario Bros. was not like that; Kondo was deeply involved from the beginning of development, working in collaboration with the rest of the team to craft appropriate sounds and themes. Moreover, Kondo approached the music with two ambitious goals: first, to make it sound more melodic than what constituted "game music" at the time; and second, to seamlessly match the game's tone and action. To that end, Kondo took much from playtesters, constantly adjusting the music's composition and tempo to perfectly match the speed they were playing the game. The result was a score where the two can hardly be separated; to a new player, the songs even suggest a rhythm of how to play. In that way, I think Super Mario Bros. is a precursor to dynamic music in video games (and explains why Nintendo have been such enthusiastic proponents of it).

Kondo was also well aware of the medium he was working in, and that his music would be heard repeatedly throughout the game— especially if a player were to fail a section. So he wrote the music to be upbeat and enticing, with the hope that it would encourage a player to try again instead of giving up in frustration. Special attention was given to each song's introductory notes for exactly that reason.

Our featured song, the overworld theme (also known as known as "Ground Theme", "Aboveground Theme" or "World 1-1"), is actually a great example of how Kondo wrote the music. The theme has a calypso rhythm and Latin feel, displaying Kondo's influences and his goal of making music that felt real. It's upbeat and catchy from the very first notes, and swiftly follows with a rising beat— exactly the kind of developments to hook a player and entice them to play, or keep playing even after a loss. But most of all, "Overworld" was the result of ample playtesting and feedback. Kondo's first attempt was a jaunty, laid back tune inspired by the bright blue sky of the ground stages (since most games at that time had black backgrounds); however, he saw how it didn't mesh with the pace of the game, and promptly scrapped it. The final version took several attempts, and was constantly tweaked to better match the player's actions and expectations.

In the Metroid entry, Hip Tanaka said that he composed the score was composed at a point when video game music was just starting to gain respect; this is only speculation, but I'd bet that that respect owed to Super Mario Bros.

~ conchobhar
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#35 — Final Fantasy XII
109 points • 4 mentions • Highest rank: #4 (pudik)

Featured Track:

The Dalmasca Estersand

Battle for FreedomPhon CoastLife and Death

Composed by:

Hitoshi Sakimoto
Hayato Matsuo
Masaharu Iwata
Nobuo Uematsu
Taro Hakase and Yuji Toriyama

Platform: Playstation 2 • Release date: March 16, 2006
Even a caged bird needs music

Shameful confession: I haven't really played Final Fantasy XII. I bought The Zodiac Age on release, but my playthrough stalled out early on. Although I liked what I heard, I don't think I'm really cut out to extol its virtues. So I've recruited my friend pudik, who had ranked FF12 the highest, to say something about it. When it comes to this entry, you could say he's the leading man.

You probably know the story with Final Fantasy XII. You probably also know a bunch of stories that didn't actually happen. Doesn't really matter, as by any account, and by general reception, XII is seen as something as a one-off as far as the series goes. Headed by new-to-numbered-series director Yasumi Matsuno, the game ditched random battles for the first time in series history. Instead, the game focused on large streaming areas, with seamless transitions from exploration and battle. Also, the game would take place within Ivalice, the continent previously established in Matsuno's Final Fantasy Tactics. And most importantly for this little list I'm writing up for, longtime Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu was uninvolved with the soundtrack for the first time this in series history (fake edit: this is a lie, as he did provide one original composition that was also fairly heavily promoted, but), with Matsuno recruiting former collaborator Hitoshi Sakimoto to compose the soundtrack.

That choice itself reflects on the changes, as Sakimoto (as well as Basiscape co-founder Masaharu Iwata and Hayato Matsuo, the three of which formerly worked on Ogre Battle) deemed it necessary to make the soundtrack his own, rather than to try to emulate the Uematsu soundtracks that came before him. It's hard to say it doesn't achieve that end, even tracks based off former Final Fantasy compositions come out sounding more towards previous Sakimoto work, namely the previous Ivalice-based game Final Fantasy Tactics. Mostly backed by a sublime use of dynamics and a typical symphony orchestra, the game greatly uses its soundtrack to keep the atmosphere of the world building that drives the game's narrative.

But the bigger change, and the greater challenge of composition comes from the change to the game’s battle system. What originally called for a world theme cut with several different battle themes now required something that could operate within both. The approach taken was something that could flow between the two, with most "world" themes constantly and seamlessly floating between light and airy and bombastic and assertive. With that said, it feels the chosen song should naturally be a world theme, and although there was no consensus, my consolation vote gives it to the first world theme you truly encounter in the Dalmasca Estersand theme. As you leave Rabanastre for the first time, you're treated to a fairly short scene showing off the area, and the music pumps in with a soft and upbeat melody which quickly leads into blaring horns to transition into the main theme. The rest of the track keeps the same movement; constantly shifting through the different themes, rarely repeating itself. When I think of FFXII, I think of this track. Aside from it just being catchy, the theme itself just feels like FFXII: dynamic, adventurous, and lively.

~ pudik
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Final Fantasy 12 was not on my list but I fully support that entry. After finishing Zodiac Age, I discovered two things: 1) Balthier may be the best FF character 2) the soundtrack is super good.

I'm ambivalent about Super Mario Bros. making the list, much less as high as the #36 spot. I understand the desire for the vote because of how iconic those tunes are but so many other Mario games have better soundtracks.
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fwiw phon coast is the track i listed, but dalmasca estersand is just extremely lyrical for me. Like I feel for it what people feel for Vivaldi's Spring. Another thing worth noting is that Sakimoto's favorite tracks are the "world themes", but listed Cerobi Steppe as the best, just going to show that you should never ask an artist about their work (it is a good track though)

I think because more of my childhood was focused around smb3 than smb1, the latter sits in that area of being far more iconic than personal. It's still a super great soundtrack but it'd be hard for me to find room for it.
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Hoo boy!

I have very little to add about Super Mario Bros. except that 1-1 is just a perfect little tune, and its drum track is so easily overlooked that you miss how funky it is in conjunction with the three other voices.

When I completed my list, I was really shocked that FF XII wasn't on it. I've been playing Zodiac Age recently, and I love how John Williams-y it is overall, given how this is almost certainly the most Star Wars-y Final Fantasy of them all. Listening through the OST now, it's really striking how many great songs there are, and it's easy to miss them on a playthrough - some are only played once or twice in the game.

If I have one gripe about this soundtrack (and it's a reach), it's that the arrangement is a little dainty and high-frequency-heavy in some places, especially its town themes. Not all, though - "Skycity of Bhujerba" is genuinely pleasant, where the tenor-range strings and brass keep up with the violin, oboe & flute. Still, it's an amazing achievement, and is an underrated factor in how well the game holds up today.
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I really need to get back to FF12. The songs here are all stunning.

Originally Posted by four-so View Post
I'm ambivalent about Super Mario Bros. making the list, much less as high as the #36 spot. I understand the desire for the vote because of how iconic those tunes are but so many other Mario games have better soundtracks.
I didn't vote for it, but I've no problem with it being here; it's certainly the most enduring video game soundtrack of all time.
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Super Mario Bros. wasn't on my list, but it would be on my list if my list reflected the top 25 most important game musics, rather than just my personal choices. I don't think I've ever pulled up a YouTube playlist of the game's tacks just to listen to. But on the other hand, playing the original game without Kondo's accompaniment would basically be a blasphemy.

But I think you need to be playing the game to enjoy it, nawmsayin'?

As for FFXII, it sounds pretty dang good! (But it wasn't on my list because I haven't played any FF game after IX)
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Originally Posted by ozacrot View Post
I love this track. In a series so obviously influenced by Star Wars, I love that there's a track that is Star Wars as fuck.
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I love the FFXII soundtrack a whole whole lot. Had it at #6 in my list and honestly it probably should have been higher (partly because I'm pretty sure several of the ones I had over it don't need any help). It's just full of amazing, epic tracks, and even the ones that are blatant John Williams riffs still bring something new and exciting to the table.

I also had Dalmasca Eastersand as my first pick; it's a fantastic introduction to the game proper and there's just so much going on it's bursting at the seams with new themes and feelings on every page. Mosphoran Highwaste is another great high-energy track that starts with the game's main theme and then spins off in other directions, with a driving urgency behind the whole thing.

But another favorite of mine is a whole different vein is To The Place of the Gods. It starts off airy, wistful, enigmatic. Then stronger, lower, sweeping themes come in. It really sells the place you're at as unsettling but also awesome in the original religious sense.

I also like what Sakimoto did with the series staple Prelude, giving it an ethereal rendition before whipping off into martial bombast. And then of course there's his awesome orchestral take on Clash on the Big Bridge which is one of my favorite versions.

Whew, yeah. I like this one.
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Super Mario Brothers 1 was #21 on my list.

Originally Posted by Dracula View Post
But I think you need to be playing the game to enjoy it, nawmsayin'?
Yes. There were some entries on my list where I realized that I enjoy the music a lot more when it accompanies the game. Also, when making my list I realized that I found the music in a game more enjoyable when it synergized well with the sound effects in the game to make a harmonious and consistent "soundscape" (for lack of a better word). (Which I think also ties into what conchobhar was saying about the development of SMB1's music.)

Also, here are some tangentially related youtube videos:
Video games sounds explained by experts (by WIRED):
Classic sounds 1972-1998
Modern sounds 1998-2017
(Each of those videos is about 12 minutes long.)
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I know at least four FF OSTs that I like more than FFXII's. I'm curious if they are still going to show up.
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I've always thought Defying the Empire was ridiculously Star Wars, too.
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atlus/jrpg dick riding , erauqs si dlrow eht , hip to be a square wave , top 50 countdown

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