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Old 10-19-2017, 09:35 AM
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I watched Voyager season 4's "Retrospect" last night, and the episode's conclusion and ultimate message made me a little uncomfortable.

So Seven uncovers repressed memories that a skeevy merchant assaulted her in a very thinly veiled rape metaphor, and an investigation is launched. Each piece of evidence uncovered yields ambiguous results which could be explained by either side's story, and yet at one point the entire cast (minus Seven) seems to suddenly agree that the allegations were completely spurious, and that Seven somehow concocted extremely specific false memories pertaining to this guy from trauma she experienced during her assimilation. Merchant dude has already bugged out at this point, fearing the damage the charges will do to his reputation (I don't know why he thinks fleeing the magistrate will insulate him from being charged in absentia???), and when Voyager goes after him to give him the good news that he's definitely totally innocent, he attacks them and blows himself up. Janeway then delivers this sad speech about how the entire Voyager crew bears responsibility for his death (what) and Seven is super remorseful about having made the allegations that caused this """tragedy""" in the first place (also what)

The whole thing just feels kind of gross and irresponsible in a world where rape allegations are too often disbelieved and the victim blamed/threatened for marring their assailant's reputation. Even just going by the story beats alone it didn't make sense to me that this pile of evidence that didn't particularly point one way or another suddenly amounted to "this assault could definitely never have happened!" They just didn't yet have proof that it did. I dunno, man. I'm aware that recovered memories are super unreliable, but tackling that relatively niche issue feels like it comes at the expense of doing a disservice to rape/abuse victims in general.
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Old 10-19-2017, 04:45 PM
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Yeah, I had a similar reaction when I got to that episode awhile back. Has not aged well at all.

Anyway, wrapping up Season 5!

Relativity: Y'know, way back as Voyager was winding down and we knew a new series was coming, but before we learned any actual details about Enterprise, I was certain they were going to do a series based on the Federation in the far future, and their 'time ships'. A series that could have episodes set anywhen they want in all of Star Trek history, with an eye on maintaining the timeline would have been interesting, I thought. Of course, time travel tends to invite nothing but headaches so maybe it's for the best it didn't happen. Still, considering when DS9 started it had some TNG in its first episode with Picard and Sisko, and when Voyager started the ship first docked at DS9, they could have kept up the 'new series gets started with some guest appearances from the previous one' thing going by linking it to this episode of Voyager.

But anyway, a time traveler goes crazy due to too much time traveling and decides to blow up Voyager. All of the Voyagers. Seven of Nine is recruited by the Federation TIME COPS to stop him and save the timeline, and probably create about fifty paradoxes in the process by the end. Womp womp.

Warhead: The Doctor's program is overwritten by the AI of a sentient bomb. I'm pretty sure one of his lines at some point is literally "I AM A BOMB." Eventually the bomb learns how not to be a bomb just in time to be a bomb when it counts, just in a heroic way.

Godspeed, noble explosive.

Equinox I & II: Ehhhh, probably the weakest season finale/premiere. Not a huge fan of this two-parter, especially with how Janeway's character is taken on a real roller-coaster in the second part, becoming incredibly vengeance-driven to the point of relieving Chakotay, nearly killing a hostage, and straight-up kidnapping some aliens, only to flip back to her original temperament during the climax so fast it gave me whiplash. Also features an uncomfortable sequence of an ethics-deprived Doctor torturing Seven with... singing.

But hey! New background crew members for the last two seasons who will be super important I bet! (lol)

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