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Old 07-16-2017, 08:52 PM
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Since I watched the first three episodes of Voyager, all I've done Star Trek-wise is watch a dozen episodes from DS9's first two seasons. I guess Voyager is good for something after all.
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Old 07-16-2017, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Johnny Unusual View Post
Turns out that, because it was the WGA strike of 1988, Star Trek did a clips show.
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Old 07-17-2017, 05:20 PM
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After hearing so many bad things about "Profits and Lace" I expected the worst from "Rules of Acquisition," but it was actually... kind of sweet and challenging? I feel like it's the kind of episode a certain kind of Tumblr kid would call "problematic" without really understanding the difficulty of finding your personal feelings in opposition to a driving cultural ethos.

Anyway, I liked that Dax figured out the lady Ferengi's feelings for Quark before figuring out the "lady" part and it was no big deal – something you definitely didn't see on TV in the '90s.

Also, we now know which species the alien bounty hunter in X-Files belonged to.

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Old 07-18-2017, 12:58 PM
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Rules of Acquisition is fine. It's not my favorite Ferengi episode, but it's certainly no Profit and Lace.

Hell, in a lot of ways Rules of Acquisition is Profit and Lace done right. Or, better, at least.

Anyway, time for a Voyager dump! There's a spurt of middling episodes following The Killing Game on Voyager. Vis a Vis is one I was never a fan of since the science is just stupid as hell. Not Threshold stupid, but pretty dumb. (how does this alien species actually function as a society? If he deposits his genetic material in his victims and takes theirs then why was he reverting to an older form that one time?) The character stuff is dumb (Why is Tom now suddenly chafing against Voyager's structure? Aside from griping about Sick Bay duties this is sudden), and even the continuity stuff is dumb (after swapping DNA with Janeway, why did alien-Janeway have four pips on her collar when she would have still been wearing Tom's clothes?). Ultimately Tom saves the day with old timey car knowledge, and he and B'Elanna share the final scene in the holodeck where they very carefully position all of the shots so something is in front of her torso at all times. Pay no attention to how forced that gets and why she's wearing two jackets now, both of which are open, she did that all the time it's not new you're crazy stop being crazy you crazy person.

Omega Directive was better, ignoring the logistics of what a 'perfect' particle would even be. A super secret Captain's-only directive, one that even supersedes the Prime Directive, feels kind of weird, but it gives us an episode that's another good character piece for Seven where she comes into her own a bit more and also finds Borg God or something. B'Elanna continues to hide behind chest-high pieces of scenery.

The only unforgettable thing about Unforgettable was the alien's effect on other races, very specifically wiping their memories of them once they leave, kind of like a proto-Silence from Doctor Who. However it was a Chakotay episode and it's hard to care more about his episodes than his actor did about the show.

Living Witness was much more interesting, one of those moral dilemma pieces that Star Trek usually does so well. A back-up of the Doctor is reactivated 700 years later on a planet where they have a rather inaccurate history regarding Voyager. This is the closest this series comes to having a Mirror Universe episode (I think, I'm pretty sure it doesn't have an official one), since the theatrical recreation of Voyager in this museum of history is almost comically sinister. The Doctor has to set the record straight, but gets cold feet when his presence basically causes a race riot and he has to grapple with whether to just delete himself and bring it to an end, or push forward and help the people of that planet heal. The twist at the end of the episode is that the Doctor's time with the museum curator was itself a holographic retelling even further in the future after they had achieved peace and stability. B'Elanna was absent for these past two episodes, yet in this one the Doctor weirdly eulogizes her, just going on and on about just how much he misses B'Elanna specifically. It was awkward. Was there a chance her actress might not have returned or something?

That turned out to be moot since she's back in Demon (still wearing double-jackets, but no longer hiding behind every console in a given scene) which is another episode with really really dumb science. Voyager is out of a particularly important space-fuel and is forced to stop at a 'Demon Class' planet to find some. Demon planets are basically literal hell, totally inhospitable to humanoid life. Tom and Harry go down to collect what they need, shenanigans occur, suddenly they're able to breathe the atmosphere without their suits, but can no longer survive on Voyager, and it ultimately turns out that the substance they were gathering for fuel was able to clone them somehow. The Demon goo then grabs hold of Voyager because it wants more sentience and Janeway bizarrely agrees to give the pile of silver slime the dna of the entire crew and the last shot is Voyager leaving the Demon planet which is now populated with crew-clones. This was a very good idea that will work out well for all parties.
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Old 07-18-2017, 02:14 PM
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Nana Visitor was pregnant during DS9, and the writing staff wrote it in that Kira had to wibbly-wobbly medicky-wedicky carry Keiko and Chief O'Brien's second child. Because it feels like DS9 had the better writing staff.
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Old 07-18-2017, 02:32 PM
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Stray thought on "Rules of Acquisition": I like that the big threat for the series is casually introduced as a background detail in what could have been a throwaway episode.

"Necessary Evil" was good. I appreciated the very minor hint of continuity between episodes (Rom mentions busting into Quark's safe while the latter was in the Gamma Quadrant), but I really liked seeing the flashbacks to when DS9 was Terak Nor. A very effective change in set lighting made it clear what was current and what was a flashback, and it's interesting that the show is building up its deepest relationships as not involving the "captain" character but rather his staff and one of the villains.
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Originally Posted by SpoonyBardOL View Post
Omega Directive was better, ignoring the logistics of what a 'perfect' particle would even be. A super secret Captain's-only directive, one that even supersedes the Prime Directive, feels kind of weird
It's deemed perfect by the Borg because of how high energy it is, and its potential as an energy supply or a weapon.

And the Omega Directive is actually kinda fascinating, and it makes total sense too. Omega Particles are an existential threat to any interstellar civilization, since their detonation can render large swaths of space impossible to navigate by warp, so keeping that information a secret and contained is paramount.

IIRC there was a Star Trek cartoon floated in the 2000s as a post-Nemesis sequel that sounded pretty interesting where it examined a future where Omega Particles fractured the Federation and rendered the Alpha Quadrant a wasteland. And a new Enterprise crew were re-exploring the Alpha Quadrant, reconnecting with disconnected civilizations, and trying to figure out a way to work past the destruction of subspace, and potentially usher in the return of a new golden age for the now broken and humbled Federation.
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Since it wasn't enough to have an episode about historical humans in the far reaches of the galaxy, Voyager also went to contemporary Earth. It's awful. Every single thing anyone says about computers is the new dumbest thing ever said... so of course it's largely about computers.
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DS9's "Sanctuary" handled the idea of an extreme matriarchal society so much less offensively than The Next Generation's "Angel One" it isn't even funny.
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I shoulda come back to this thread while people were still arguing about Tuvix, because boy do I have opinions about that.

As a viewer, I greatly preferred Tuvix to his two halves. Tuvok was a humorless tightass, and Neelix was irritating comic relief... combining them balances the two personalities nicely. I'm not sure where this argument that he was a morally bankrupt drain on ship resources is coming from, honestly... I thought he was charming, and most of the crew seemed to like him as well. Beyond that, I'd like to think that in Gene Roddenberry's enlightened future, people aren't callously led to their deaths because they're viewed to be of less value than others. This is Star Trek, not a GOP health care bill.

Getting past all that, Jerk-way didn't seem terribly interested in exploring alternatives to ripping Tuvix in half. Two series over, you've got Thomas Riker, a copy of Will Riker who was the result of a transporter accident. You're telling me they couldn't have found a way to make a second Tuvix and split that one apart? Oh no, that would require too much thought. This isn't DS9, where Sisko is forced to make uncomfortable choices to resolve difficult situations. It's Voyager, where Janeway's recklessness and stupidity create them.

Uh, sorry. It's been over twenty years since that episode aired and it still gets under my skin. I still say they could have handled the Tuvix situation better, but it felt like Janeway was already sharpening her axe halfway through the episode and would not be denied her execution.
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My last word on Tuvix is that everyone should spend that time instead watching the four Steven Universe episodes "Alone Together," "We Need to Talk," "The Answer," and "Mindful Education."

And whatever episode is after Tuvix, spend that time instead watching "Coach Steven," "Cry For Help," "Keystone Motel," and "Friend Ship."
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