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so, i did a raised garden bed.
- I purchased some pre-made aluminum corners. They're hollow so, I used a piece of PVC pipe to act as a stake and left the top off that I plan to use as a receiver for a demountable fence post.
- last time I had a lot of problems with adjacent grass, especially centipede worming its way into the beds from the bottom side. This time, I lined the edges with a weed block fabric. Really determined centipede could still get around it, but I didn't want to prevent the plants inside from putting roots deeper if needed.
- i found a local dirt guy and hauled several pickup truck loads full. My wife stands in the back and pushes it on to the tailgate and then I push it off in the the wheelbarrow and then dump it in the bed. I expected it to be more effort, but it really wasn't too tough.

I planted a bunch of different types of beans and all the pinto beans have sprouted and I've never tried pintos so I'm super excited!
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